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Snotty Nose Rez Kids release new single “I’m Good”

Haisla Nation duo from Vancouver, the Snotty Nose Rez kids, have just released the upbeat track “I’M GOOD”. Produced by KYRIGO, the song sets an upbeat mood as the duo trade uplifting bars about “feeling like a million bucks.” Snotty Nose Rez member Young D said in a statement, “We spent our last album working through the darker times we experienced. It was important for our new music to be positive and to show our fans that we needed Life After to talk about our experiences in 2020/2021, but that we’re back touring, traveling the world, making new music, and ultimately, we’re good!” The duo are on the shortlist for the upcoming 2022 Polaris Music Prize for their album Life After, and they’ll perform at the Gala at The Carlu in Toronto on Sept. 19. Hear “I’M GOOD” below.

Chubby Cree releases new single “Rock Your World (Handsome Tiger Remix)”

Chubby Cree is a group made up of 12-year-old Noah Green and his grandmother, Carol Powder. She and 12-year-old vocal prodigy Noah Green have already taken the internet by storm repeatedly with videos of the group playing “Rock Your World,” live on news outlets such as CBC, Global, Reddit, Brut America and APTN amassing more than 60 million streams collectively. The remix single release features the music video for the original track “Rock Your World,” directed by award-winning veteran Western Canadian director Stuey Kubrick.

Anishinabe Onkwehonwe band Digging Roots release their 4th album “Zhawenim”

Digging Roots’ new album features themes from residential schools to reclamation, climate change to baamaadziwin (the good life). Co-produced with Hill Kourkoutis, Zhawenim, which means to love unconditionally in Anishinaabemowin, the album looks beyond the current political landscape to a future that waits to be claimed by the next generations.

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Tlingit and Haida rapper Air Jazz (Arias Hoyle) releases “Hooligan (Remix)”

Arias Hoyle, also known as Air Jazz, has just released the new track “Hooligan (Remix),” that features a perfect cultural blend of his heritage. Hoyle, who is half African-American, about a quarter Tlingit and a quarter Native American (Blackfoot and Cherokee), began writing raps around the age of 10 and learned Lingít in middle school. This led him to the creation of beats using Garage Band in middle school, ultimately creating his signature sound of speaking and rapping in both the Lingít and English language. Check out his new single below now streaming exclusively on Rising Indigenous Voices Radio.

Haida Indigenous and mixed descent artist Carsen Gray releases “Everything is Bless”

Carsen Gray is an award-winning Haida and mixed descent singer and songwriter. Performing since she was a young girl, she decided to pursue singing after her infamous performance of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” at Canada’s Wonderland. She received high praised and gained the attention of Bobby Taylor, a Vancouver-based producer known within the music industry as being one of the first to gain exposure for Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Gray has recently released her new single “Everything is Bless” that showcases her soulful singing voice.

Jordanne releases new single “My Own Light” featuring Jaelen James

Previously known as ASCXNSION, Indigenous singer/songwriter Jordanne has released her brand new single “My Own Light” featuring artist Jaelan James. In regard to the latest single release, Jordanne posted the below via her Instagram.

“UM So I’m putting out new music!!! 🥳🙃🥹 It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally putting things out because I know they are meant to be heard! I’m tired of making excuses as to why I’m not “ready.” Because tbh- there’s no such thing. “Not enough” has dictated the way I share my art for as long as I can remember- finances, skill, preparedness, exposure.. you name it. And I know these are narratives that have prevented me from feeling the abundance and nourishment that come with sharing these little pieces of my soul with the world. “

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