Dj Shub x Cher
Half Breed (Remix)

DJ Shub Releases new track ‘Half Breed (Remix)’ feat. Cher

DJ Shub, the trailblazing Indigenous electronic music artist known for his groundbreaking fusion of traditional sounds and contemporary beats, has once again set the stage on fire with his latest release, ‘Half Breed (Remix).’ The track, a reimagining of the original hit featuring Cher, pulsates with raw energy and cultural vibrancy, showcasing Shub’s unparalleled talent for blending heritage with modernity.

The original ‘Half Breed’ was a celebrated anthem that resonated with audiences for its infectious rhythm and celebration of Indigenous culture. With this remix, DJ Shub takes the essence of the original and amplifies it to new heights. The beats are punchier, the melodies are more dynamic, and the infusion of traditional instrumentation adds layers of depth and authenticity to the composition.