Monthly Archives: October 2022

Inuit style throat singing duo PIQSIQ release new single “Ikitaa”

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday, PIQSIQ duo members Inuksuk Mackay and Tiffany Ayalik have just released their latest new single, “Ikitaa,” which means “light it” in Inuinnaqtun. PIQSIQ released the single “in a time of sublime darkness, we offer a few flickers of light, not to extinguish the dark, but as a companion to it to help illuminate the unexplored corners of parts unknown.” Check out the live performance below and also stream on Rising Indigenous Voices Radio.

Aysanabee Releases Ego Death

Ego Death, the third single from Aysanabee’s debut album, Watin, arrives ahead in advance of the album’s full release date on November 4, 2022. Ego Death is about the complete loss of self-identity and the realization that one might not be the things they have identified with. Check out the new single now streaming exclusively on Rising Indigenous Voices Radio.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids release new single “Trendsetter (feat. Dillan Ponders)”

Following the release “I’M GOOD,” the Snotty Nose Rez Kids are back with their latest single, “TRENDSETTER.” The new single sees the Anishinaabe duo Trybez and D drawing attention to all the ways they embody the Boujee Native aesthetic: confidence, style, and talent. Check out the new single below and stream now exclusively on Rising Indigenous Voices Radio.