Uyarakq releases LENAPEHOKING DAYS on International Inuit Day

Uyarakq, the innovative and genre-defying artist, has once again left the world in awe with his latest release, “Lenapehoking Days.” The album features his ethereal vocals, sung in both Greenlandic and English, that are accompanied by a delicate blend of electronic beats and traditional Inuit throat singing, creating a mesmerizing soundscape that immediately draws the listener in. He is a self taught music producer/composer and DJ with a background in metal music originally from Nuuk, Greenland. He is currently working in the Indigenous circumpolar hip hop and rap scene with a presence in two continents, the North American arctic and the European arctic. He has previously won a Greenlandic Koda Award in 2015 for his solo album Raatiu Nukik (2014) and was nominated for Nordic Councils Music Prize in 2016 for the collaborative work Kunngiitsuuffik (2015) alongside the Greenlandic rapper Peand-eL.