Pattie Gonia
Won't Give Up (feat. Yo-Yo Ma and Quinn Christopherson)

Won’t Give Up: A Climate Anthem by Pattie Gonia, Yo-Yo Ma, and Quinn Christopherson

In an inspiring convergence of artistic brilliance and environmental advocacy, three influential figures from different spheres—Pattie Gonia, Yo-Yo Ma, and Quinn Christopherson—have united to create a powerful musical testament to our planet and the urgent need for climate action with the release of ‘Won’t Give Up’.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Tyler Chester, this song merges the profound musical talent of violinist Paul Cartwright and drummer James McAllister. Pattie Gonia, the environmental advocate and drag artist known for championing inclusivity in outdoor spaces, brings her unique voice and passion for conservation to the forefront. With her vibrant personality and dedication to environmental causes, Pattie Gonia amplifies the urgency of the climate crisis and the importance of unity in protecting our planet.

Alaska Native artist Quinn Christopherson brings his unique perspective to the collaboration. Christopherson’s ability to infuse personal narratives into his music lens depth and authenticity to the single elevates the messages of resilience and determination in the face of environmental challenges.

Yo-Yo Ma, the renowned cellist whose transcendent musical talent has touched audiences worldwide, adds a layer of profound emotion to the anthem. Through his music, Ma has consistently advocated for social change and global harmony, making his contribution to ‘Not Giving Up’ a testament to the power of art in catalyzing meaningful conversations about pressing issues.

The release of this climate movement anthem serves as a poignant reminder that through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to action, we can make a difference—one note, one step, and one act of solidarity at a time. ‘Not Giving Up’ embodies the resilience and hope needed to overcome the challenges ahead, urging us to forge a path of environmental and social harmony.

As the song resonates across borders and cultures, it is a testament to the transformative power of music and advocacy, reminding us that by standing together, we can create a world where the well-being of our planet and the welfare of humanity are intricately intertwined.