Tia Wood
Dirt Roads

Tia Wood’s “Dirt Roads”: Heartfelt Cultural Storytelling and Powerful Melodies

Canadian singer-songwriter Tia Wood has graced the music world with her unique voice and poignant storytelling in her latest single and Alberta-filmed music video, “Dirt Roads.” Known for her unique blend of country, folk, and indigenous influences, Wood’s newest release continues to build on her reputation as a compelling and authentic artist.


In addition to her musical talents, Wood is also known for her activism and advocacy for indigenous rights. She uses her platform to raise awareness and promote understanding, making her not just a musician, but a powerful voice for change. “Dirt Roads” reflects this commitment, weaving together personal and cultural stories that resonate on multiple levels. For fans of genuine, emotionally rich music, “Dirt Roads” is a must-listen. Tia Wood has proven that she is an artist with a profound gift for capturing the human experience through music.