Russian Siberian Dance Group Otyken Releases New Single “Chukotka”

A diverse ensemble comprised of members representing Siberia’s indigenous communities, Otyken, unveils their latest single, “Chukotka,” paying homage to the native peoples of the Far North and their rich cultural heritage. This lyrical composition, complemented by ethnic traditional instruments and mesmerizing throat singing, transports listeners to the expansive northern seas, cloaked in ice, where majestic whales roam beneath the frozen surface.

Sung in the Chulym language, the lyrics tackle urgent issues such as environmental conservation, ecology, and the perils of sea pollution and reckless oil extraction. Through the lens of the Chukotka Peninsula, the song eloquently portrays the familial and cultural values cherished by Siberia’s indigenous communities, while expressing profound gratitude to past generations for safeguarding traditions and enabling the pursuit of passions.