Lil Mike & Funny Bone

OKC Hip Hop Duo Lil Mike & Funny Bone Release New Album “Vibin”

Lil Mike & Funny Bone are the Native American rap duo renowned for their appearance on America’s Got Talent and from Hulu’s hit series, Res Dogs. Hailing from Oklahoma City, these brothers bear a striking resemblance but are not twins. Despite their stature, they compensate with exceptional talent.

Individually known as Mike & Bone, they have honed their craft over the years, gracing stages at various venues including clubs, churches, casinos, children’s parties, car shows, and retirement homes. Beyond mere rapping, they have evolved into performance artists and motivational speakers. Through independent production and relentless gigging, they pursued their dream of global recognition.

Their journey has seen triumphs in talent competitions, appearances on live television across the USA and Canada, hosting events, DJing at nightclubs, and opening for renowned acts such as Jacob Latimore, Wine-O, Lil Troy, and others. They’ve even entertained crowds in penitentiaries and been mobbed by enthusiastic fans in various locales.

Reflecting on their journey, Funny Bone notes the absence of drama in his relatively normal life, crediting the five-year age gap between him and Mike. His elder brother played a pivotal role in nurturing his talents from childhood. With music as their primary profession, they spend their weekends either touring or engaging with their community at the Old Paris flea market in OKC, known as “405 Music.”

The duo’s focus remains on writing, recording, and performing, with success within their reach. They stand as emblematic figures, injecting positivity into the rap scene with their Native American heritage.