Travis Thompson and Nima Skeemz
So Good

Navajo Rapper Travis Thompson Releases New Single “So Good”

Seattle-based rapper Travis Thompson and producer Nima Skeemz have joined forces to deliver a dose of infectious positivity with their latest track, “So Good.” This dynamic collaboration showcases Thompson’s distinctive flow and Skeemz’s vibrant production, creating a feel-good anthem that’s sure to lift spirits and get listeners grooving.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy melodies, “So Good” is an instant mood-booster from the moment the beat drops. Thompson’s witty lyricism and effortless delivery shine as he navigates themes of self-confidence, success, and enjoying life to the fullest. Backed by Skeemz’s lush instrumentation and pulsating rhythms, the track exudes an undeniable energy that is impossible to resist.

The accompanying music video for “So Good” further amplifies the song’s upbeat vibe, featuring vibrant visuals and lively choreography that perfectly complement the track’s infectious energy. Shot against the backdrop of Seattle’s iconic skyline, the video captures the essence of the city’s vibrant music scene while showcasing Thompson and Skeemz’s undeniable chemistry.