Sarah Whalen
MMIW Month: MMIWG2 Logo Creation Spotlight

MMIWG2 Month: Ongoing Struggle Highlighted, Sarah Whalen-Lunn’s (Inuit) Logo Strikes a Chord with Community

For Sarah Whalen, MMIWG2 Month is not just a fleeting moment of recognition but a daily, heartfelt struggle. Whalen, an artist and activist, created a powerful logo featuring a woman in a handprint with her hair blowing in the wind and the northern star, to visually convey the beauty and importance of those taken from Indigenous communities. Initially drawn for a rally in October 2019, the logo has since resonated deeply, spreading rapidly through the community. Whalen’s work, deeply influenced by her traditional Inuit tattooing practices, aims to humanize the ongoing struggles of her people and provide a sense of visibility and validation. Despite the profound impact of her art, Whalen remains humbled and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.