Arias Hoyle
Indigenous Heritage Day

Juneau artist Air Jazz Reflects on Indigenous Heritage Day

Native American Heritage Month is an essential time for artists such as myself. Weeks dedicated to spreading Indigeneity around the world gives us a feeling of oneness with planet Earth. As a Tlingit, it feels as though my ancestors are speaking through me with language and song so that I can sonically manifest them. I shall write more Indigenous songs, wear my clan vest of representation, and listen to stories of all Tlingit generations.

I’m hoping that Indigenous Heritage Month can give every person an appreciation for where they come from. All people have a lineage, so it’s important to acknowledge our lineal origin. We can then cycle back to our sacred values and ways of life, like a canoer who has found their way home after a long journey. In America, this is especially important since revitalization is still an ongoing effort for Indigenous peoples.

One day, all Native Americans could be allies and form an Avengers End Game type superpower. Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian could work as a unit in Southeast Alaska. Puyallup, Tulalip, Duwamish and Snohomish could start a collective in the Northwest. Iroquois could join Wampanoag, Mi’kmaq, Algonquin and Cherokee on the East Coast. Then Apache, Commanche, Zuni and Diné could live in harmony in the US South.Eventually, all of us will have land back, learn about each other’s culture, and make America Native again. Gunalchéesh/Haw’aa/Quyana/Mahsi’ Choo