Joey Stylez
Modern Warriors (feat. Joel Wood)

Joey Stylez Releases “Modern Warriors” Featuring Joel Wood

Joey Stylez is widely acknowledged and has garnered a substantial following within Indigenous communities across Canada and globally. His music portfolio boasts tracks produced by Grammy Award-winning producer James Ho (Malay), showcasing his unwavering dedication to excellence. Additionally, he is the proprietor of Ble$$ed Street Studios, a nurturing environment for Indigenous talents, where he provides mentorship and support to budding musicians, fostering a legacy of creativity and empowerment within his community.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples throughout history, Joey Stylez highlights the struggles endured by previous generations, from cultural suppression to the dark legacy of residential schools and the sixties scoop. In the face of adversity, he and others like him, whom he refers to as “Modern Warriors,” serve as beacons of inspiration in a society undergoing profound change.