iskwē’s Latest Album Release “nīna”: A Mesmerizing Blend of Identity and Empowerment

Canadian musician iskwē has once again captivated audiences with her latest album release, “nīna”. Named after the Cree translation for “me,” the album features themes of identity, empowerment, and cultural resilience, showcasing Iskwē’s unique blend of musical influences and thought-provoking lyricism.

nīna, the pinnacle of iskwē’s renewal, signifies “me” in Cree and serves as the title of her fourth solo album, paying homage to its deeply autobiographical essence. The album embodies the exploration of the divine feminine through narratives of love, passion, anger, betrayal, and loss.

To give life to her compelling narratives, iskwē collaborated with 10-time Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor (known for his work with Björk, The Killers, Bomba Estereo). Damian co-wrote select tracks, including the lead single “I Get High” ft. Nina Hagen, which soared to the Top 20 of the Alt-Rock charts. Their combined efforts yield an ethereal blend, evoking the sensuality of late 90s R&B with a tantalizing twist reminiscent of Esthero