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Inuit style throat singing duo PIQSIQ release new single "Ikitaa"

Inuit style throat singing duo PIQSIQ release new single “Ikitaa”

In celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday, PIQSIQ duo members Inuksuk Mackay and Tiffany Ayalik have just released their latest new single, “Ikitaa,” which means “light it” in Inuinnaqtun. PIQSIQ released the single “in a time of sublime darkness, we offer a few flickers of light, not to extinguish the dark, but as a companion … Read More Inuit style throat singing duo PIQSIQ release new single “Ikitaa”




Xiuhtezcatl releases new single “San”

Known for incorporating both Spanish and English interchangeably into his music, Xiuhtezcatl just released “San.” Xiuhtezcatl has performed and collaborated with artists such as Raury, WILLOW, Jaden and Shailene Woodley.



Ego Death

Aysanabee Releases Ego Death

Ego Death, the third single from Aysanabee’s debut album, Watin, arrives ahead in advance of the album’s full release date on November 4, 2022. Ego Death is about the complete loss of self-identity and the realization that one might not be the things they have identified with. Check out the new single now streaming exclusively … Read More Aysanabee Releases Ego Death


Snotty Nose Rez Kids

TRENDSETTER (feat. Dillan Ponders)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids release new single “Trendsetter (feat. Dillan Ponders)”

Following the release “I’M GOOD,” the Snotty Nose Rez Kids are back with their latest single, “TRENDSETTER.” The new single sees the Anishinaabe duo Trybez and D drawing attention to all the ways they embody the Boujee Native aesthetic: confidence, style, and talent. Check out the new single below and stream now exclusively on Rising Indigenous Voices Radio.


Byron Nicholai

Quyatuunga (Thankful)

Byron Nicholai releases new single “Quyatuunga (Thankful)”

Yup’ik Artist Byron Nicholai has just released his latest single “Quyatuunga (Thankful)”. Nicholai has previously won the 2014 Alaska Federation of Natives President’s Award and the 2015 Alaskan Spirit of Youth award.


Carsen Gray

Notes to Self

Haida Gwaii singer Carsen Gray releases new single “Alive” alongside her new EP “Notes to Self”

Carson Gray has just released her latest EP Notes to Self, marking the Haida songwriter’s second EP of 2022 and the follow-up to Each Moment. The new EP is described as a “back to basics” affair. Gray is also released her new video for “Alive.” Enjoy the newly released video below and to stream the … Read More Haida Gwaii singer Carsen Gray releases new single “Alive” alongside her new EP “Notes to Self”


PJ Vegas

God Mode

Yaqui Indigenous artist PJ Vegas releases new single “God Mode”

Award winning singer songwriter Pj Vegas has just released his new single “God Mode” featuring sultry vocals and gritty content. Vegas has previously won an MTV VMA for “Best Video With a Message.” Vegas is also the son of Pat Vegas, member/founder of legendary Native American rock band Redbone.


The Storyteller pop-up Event

The Alaska State Fair 2022
BY: The Gathering Place Stage

The Storyteller at the Alaska State Fair 2022

The RIVR had a Storyteller pop-up event at the 2022 Alaska State Fair on Saturday and Sunday. The second annual event was held at the Gathering Place stage, hosted by Ralph Sara (Anonymous Eskimo) followed by a live performance from Inupiaq artist Byron Nicholai.